Using Ribbon on Your Layouts

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Want to give color, texture and dimension to your layout–quickly and easily? Try ribbons! Ribbon adds something familiar and nostalgic to your page. Here are some tips that will make it easy for you to accent your next layout with ribbon:

Attaching Ribbon to a Photo
When placing a ribbon length over a photo, pull the ribbon taut and wrap the ends around the photo, then secure them on the back. Gluing the ribbon directly over the photo can damage the photo. Pulling your ribbon taut over your photo before securing it on the back will keep you from having to attach the ribbon directly on top of your photo.

Attaching Ribbon to a Page
Mini Glue Dots™ are an excellent method of securing ribbon to paper–especially bows and knotted ribbon. The key is the size of the Glue Dot™ that you use. The Mini size is big enough to secure the ribbon, but small enough so that it does not seep out from behind the ribbon and stick to the sheet protector.

Mini Glue Dots™ are also great for adhering strips of ribbon to your paper, but so are brads and eyelets. Just pull your ribbon taut and punch a hole through your ribbon and your paper, then place a brad or eyelet in the punched hole and secure. Other adhesives that work well for ribbon strips are glue sticks and double sided mounting tabs.

scrapbook project

What to Do About Fraying Ribbon?
Trimming the ends of the ribbon tails at an angle will keep the ribbon from fraying. You can simply cut the end of the tail at a straight angle, or cut an inverted “V” into the end for a refined look.

scrapbook project

Tying a Shoestring Bow
It’s just like tying a shoelace! To create a shoestring bow:

  1. Take one end of a ribbon length and fold it over, creating a loop.
  2. Wrap the other end of the ribbon loosely around the center of the loop, then form a loop in the free end of the ribbon and push it through the center of the ribbon.
  3. Pull the loops in opposite directions to tighten the bow and trim the tails at an angle.

If you find it difficult to tie a shoestring bow, consider knotting the center of a short length of ribbon instead. This gives a bow tie look and is also an excellent use for ribbon that is too short for making a bow. The knot can be attached to the page with a Glue Dot™.

Precious Little Girl
By LeNae Gerig



  1. Cut the pink gingham paper into a 4” x12” strip and glue it to the center of the page as shown. Mat the photo on white cardstock and trim the border to 1/8”. Cut a 6” piece of pink rickrack ribbon and place it across the bottom of the photo. Wrap the ends of the ribbon around the edges of the matted photo, then glue them to the back to secure. Cut an 8” piece of pink with white dots ribbon and tie a shoestring bow with 1/2” loops and 3/4” long tails. Glue the bow directly to the rickrack as shown using a Glue Dot™. Mat the photo again using green gingham paper and trim the border to a 1/4”. Mat the photo once more on solid pink paper and trim the border to 1/8”.
  2. Cut out the “precious little girl” and the number tag cut-outs. Cut five 3” lengths of pink gingham ribbon and knot the centers. On four of the knotted ribbon lengths, trim the tails to 1/2”, and on the remaining knotted ribbon length, trim the tails to 3/4”. Using Glue Dots™, attach the knotted ribbon with the long tails to the top of the “precious little girl” cut-out. Attach one of the knotted ribbons with the shorter tails to the top of each of the number tags.
  3. Computer journal in a long vertical rectangle and print onto white paper. Crop the journaling and mat it with pink solid paper, leaving a 1/16” border. Mat again on green textured paper and trim the border to 1/8”.
  4. Arrange the photo and journaling on top of the pink gingham strip as shown and glue in place using a glue stick. Using foam tape, attach the “precious little girl” cut-out vertically down the right side of the photo. Finally, placing each at a slight angle, attach the number tag cut-outs along the side of the border on the left side of the page using foam tape.

LeNae Gerig has been designing scrapbook pages for nine years and enjoys sharing the craft with new scrappers. The Busy Scrapper’s Solution series is one of her favorite products to use because all the papers and embellishments coordinate. For a final touch, LeNae likes using ribbons from Hot Off The Press’ Cardmaker’s™ and Attachments™ product lines.

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